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How To Save Thousands On Your Book or Magazine Print Job

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We’re a family based business with decades of experience working with large volume printing press production facilities. With decades of experience we’ve figured out how to slash thousands of dollars of costs on jobs. We’re looking to pass this knowledge onto the next generation of book and magazine publishers.


What we can show you….

  • How printing press facilities are passing on their real estate expenses onto the publishers

  • Why printing press facilities charge what they charge and where their real costs are

  • Common mistakes designers make that drive their job costs up


Your Career Is On The Line

If you’re new in the business, one mistake can wreck your reputation and derail your career. One misspelling, wrong page number, poor color quality, missed deadlines…all of these problems could wreck your print job and if the printing facility can prove that you’re at fault, you will end up being the fall guy.

Publishing, printing, and design work is insanely competitive and you need any and all information you can get to help you survive.

We’re based in the Midwest USA and can provide you the information you need to get your book and magazine job done right. Sign up with the form below and our printing press support team will reach out to you.